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Management Systems

At Lexacle Technologies we define, design, test, and implement a new software application or program for your Company, Institution or Organization. Our aim is to make your day to day operations automated, efficent and absolutely errorless. Some of the systems we have already developed are Sacco Management Systems, Loan Application Systems, School Management Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Retail Shop Management Systems, Hardware Management Systems, Pharmacy Management Systems, Human Resource Management (HRM) Systems and much more. We also provide custom system development services that will suit your personal requirements.

Management Systems Development

School Management Systems

School Management Systems Development in Kenya


Lexacle Technologies School Management Systems are readily available and actively maintained. Extensively incorporated with features such as student records management, examination reports generation, school fees management, sending reports via sms / email, printing reports, Mpesa Fee payment Integration, library management, events management, multi-user operations, livechat plus much more.

Pricing & Packages

Primary School Management System

USD. $640 /
KES. 64,499
  • Student Admissions
  • Examinations/ Reports
  • Fees Management
  • Mpesa Payments Integration
  • Library Management
  • A Lifetime License

Secondary School Management System

USD. $800 /
KES. 80,499
  • All Primary Features
  • SMS/ Email Integration
  • Parents Management
  • Official School Website
  • Timetabling System
  • A Lifetime License

All in One School Management System

USD. $1,200 /
KES. 120,499
  • All Secondary Features
  • Notifications System
  • Livechat Integration
  • Official School Mobile App
  • Events Management
  • A Lifetime License

Sacco Management Systems - MicroFinance

Our Sacco Management System is a Micro-finance software consinsting of customer records management, Loans management (loan disbursement, tracking loans, managing active and inactive loans, active loans, loan securities e.t.c), Accounting (expenses, incomes, trial balances, balance sheets), employee management, reports generations plus much more
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Lexacle Technologies Sacco Management Systems Development
Lexacle Technologies Retail and Wholesale management syststem development

Retail & Wholesale Management Systems

Or Retail/ Wholesale management system acts both as a Point of Sale and Inventory management system for your shop. Be it an Mpesa Shop, Hardware or Pharmacy you will fit in perfectly with a few customizations that we do for free. Features included are Inventory/ Stock management, Add and Sale products/ services at a go, keep you informed through your daily, weekly and monthly reports, employee sales monitoring plus much more.

Want Something else? Something New?

Lexacle Technologies is here to make that happen. We design and develop your very own custom solutions to suit your standard requirements. Be it a custom hardware managemenent system, your own point of sale software or your preferred automated and restful services payment gateway, come to us and we shall fix that ASAP. We have concurred where others have failed and for that we are proud of ourselves. Your call to action; click on the button below and let us know what you really need.

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