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It might be very exhausting to launch an online store locally. But operating your business online is more quicker and easier than doing it off-line. You must have a specific objective in mind, a mobile app or e-commerce website, and a day or two to get used to the daily operational routines.

With internet enterprises, you may start selling right away without having a physical storefront. To conduct business with your customers, you must have an internet platform, though. Apps for mobile devices, websites, or a combination of the two may serve as these platforms.

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Mobile App Development Services

Any business, whether it is new or old, needs mobile apps. Over 80% of internet users have access to mobile devices worldwide.

Not sure where to begin when you need a mobile application? You're in the right spot. Identify your project and request a free quote above.

With a custom, responsive and SEO-friendly website, your business can generate the traffic, leads, sales, and revenue you need. You can also build your brand, as well as your target audience's trust, which can help you stand out from competitors and accelerate your growth within a short period.

All our web development services feature a progressive web app, advanced website speed optimization and above all professionalism

Mobile App Development Services

Errand Services App

Download the Errandee App

Errandee App is a networking platform that enables you earn a living by performing simple tasks issued by other users of the app. Get started for free.

Website Development Services

Utilize our expert web development services to benefit from the speed, scalability, and dependability.

  • Installable, offline-loading, incredibly quick, and SEO-friendly online apps also known as progressive web applications.
  • Real-time web apps driven by advanced NodeJS servers, ExpressJS, and Socket.IO
  • PHP Web Frameworks: Websites and API endpoints powered by CodeIgniter, Laravel, and Yii
  • Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and other CMS web design platforms

And a lot more

What about the speed of your website?

Examine your website to see how well it performs in terms of speed, security, and SEO. Based on Google Lighthouse, we provide you with a variety of recommendations and suggestions for improving your website.

Can any device be used to access your website?

Is the pace of your website too slow compared to what is recommended?

Are SEO-related problems costing you customers?

Your website may not be secure. Can we do anything?

Can a sluggish or nonexistent internet connection run your website?

Website Maintenance Services

No matter the size of the company, website maintenance is crucial. Your website serves as a global window into your company and can greatly influence how people see the worth of your products or services. For real-time service industries, a well-maintained website is essential. To draw in and keep consumers, keep up with search engine rankings, and tell the public about new information, products, and services, all businesses require routine website upkeep.

Websites can occasionally grow to be unmanageable, slow, and big. Good news! Lexacle Technologies is available to assist. Your website will be analyzed, optimized, fixed, and maintained regardless of the CMS, platform, or framework that was used during development.

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Website Maintenance Services

Free and Unlimited XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps make it simple for search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and index your website. Your website would be challenging to find on Google, Yahoo, and Bing without a sitemap.

Having a sitemap for your website is a critical SEO factor. After generating your free and unlimited XML Sitemap for your website we will show you a step by step tutorial on how to add it on Google.

Lexacle Technologies sitemap generator is a free tool used in generating free and unlimited XML sitemaps for your website.

Generate your XML Sitemap

Free and Unlimites XML Sitemap Generator

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