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About Lexacle Technologies

Lexacle Technologies is a Web Design and Mobile APP Development Company offering exclusive services to its clients. We are based at Kimathi Street, Kimathi House in Nairobi - Kenya. Our services are majorly online based and we believe in a culture where taking risks is the norm, for us risk means saying ‘yes’ when conventional wisdom might say ‘no’. It means achieving the improbable within extraordinary time frames. Everyday we innovate solutions, build, test, learn and then build again. This is why our clients come back to us, why we succeed where others have failed, and why we come to work every day.

About Lexacle Technologies

We are Passionate

We are invigorated by your risk-taking and fresh business ideas. There’s nothing better than working with passionate developers at a moment of such exciting opportunity. We aim at complementing your business growth ideas and as that growth becomes a reality, we look for efficiency and greater opportunities by leveraging existing technologies and innovating novel ideas.

The Lexacle Team

Our Developer Team consists of 8 super intelligent individuals working together to resolve various tasks. From Mobile App developers, website developers to Full Stack developers we never miss out a clue on how to perform and accomplish a specific task. A happy team, intelligent and hardworking is what you expect of us, and that's what we are.

Project-wise whenever we are overloaded with tasks that may take longer that expected we cannot keep you waiting thus outsourcing such tasks becomes an option. Regardless of that, we ensure that what we promised is what we deliver.

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